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College Preparation & Study Skills

Why SA is best for College Admissions Test Prep

  • Cost effective—less than ½ the cost of commercial/for-profit SAT prep classes.
  • College Board Official SAT Study Guide and Princeton Review Word Smart included.
  • Free additional comprehensive study materials.
  • 16 hours of intensive direct instruction, guided group work, and test practice. You are not paying instructors just to proctor three hour exams.
  • Learn proven test-taking strategies, time management, and how to minimize test anxiety.
  • Essay grading and individual feedback included.
  • Two professional instructors with unmatched expertise in English language and mathematical concepts.
  • Our instructors have 10+ years teaching SAT prep and know the ins and outs of the SAT.
  • Additional classes with specific math or language focus are available.
  • Convenient Portland locations.
  • Fast, easy, informed registration process.
Listen to what students say:
“I learned new techniques to help me raise my score. I’ve taken SAT prep classes before, but Saturday Academy’s prep class was much more informative.”

“Both teachers (math & language) were intelligent and insightful about the test.”

ACT Preparation

ACT is a widely accepted college entrance exam. Many students' strengths are better reflected on the ACT than the SAT as it more closely aligns with school curriculum. The ACT tests reading, math, science, and English, with an optional writing portion. There are clear differences between the ACT and the SAT, including four answer choices instead of five for most sections, no penalty for wrong answers, and deeper questions requiring particular knowledge.
Tends to be offered every year in October/November. Check our class listing for more info.

SAT Preparation

Attention college-bound juniors and seniors: maximize your scoring potential on the SAT's. Test dates following class completion are May 7, and June 4. Learn powerful test-taking techniques and strategies for improving your score. We will prepare for the three sections of the SAT: math, critical reading, and writing. For the math section you will review the basic concepts of algebra and geometry. This review is especially important for students who are currently taking upper-level math and have been away from the basics for awhile. There will also be instruction on problems from third-year college preparatory math including exponential growth, absolute value, and functional notation. The critical reading preparation stresses vocabulary, reading comprehension, and grammar skills. We will prepare for the writing section by practicing the 25-minute timed essay and reviewing grammar, usage, and word choice. Your essay will be scored according to College Board standards, and returned to you. Students in all sections will meet for one additional hour at either the second or third class meeting. Expect three hours of homework between class meetings.

Tends to be offered every year in October/November and March/April/May. Check our class listing for more info.

SAT: Writing & Essay Prep

Get ready for the writing section of the SAT exam. The SAT has three separately scored sections: math, critical reading, and writing. This class is for students who want extra help preparing for the writing section. To prepare, you will practice writing the timed 25-minute essay, receive a score based on SAT standards, and get feedback on how to improve your essay. You will receive an intensive review for the multiple-choice section covering grammar, usage, and word choice. Your preparation will include test-taking tips and strategies, practice tests, in-class games and exercises, hand-outs, and reading assignments.

Tends to be offered every year in October/November and March/April/May. Check our class listing for more info.

Math Help for the SAT

Have you been considering a more intensive math review for the SAT? This class will concentrate on exploring the math concepts that are the basis for the problems in the SAT test. It has a deeper focus than our SAT Preparation class, and is helpful for those who believe that they need additional preparation or more intensive work on the math principles covered on the exam. Review the three types of problems you will encounter in the SAT math section: numerical analysis, algebra, and geometry. As we work through actual problems taken from SAT tests, you will have an opportunity to ask questions and develop essential skills needed to improve your score.

Tends to be offered every year in October/November and March/April/May. Check our class listing for more info.

Maximum Math for the SAT

Are you shooting for a math SAT score of 700 or more? Join a class geared toward students who want to practice the more difficult problems found on the SAT to optimize their chances of a high score. SAT math problems have five levels of difficulty. We will discuss and practice the upper level math problems from past SAT tests. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and receive individual help on the complex problems found at the end of each math section. This class is a guided practice for students confident in their math skills who may not need a traditional preparation course.

Tends to be offered every year in October/November and March/April/May. Check our class listing for more info.

PSAT Preparation

Maximize your scoring potential by becoming familiar with the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test). The PSAT exam test dates for 2010 are October 13 and 16. Learn strategies for general test taking as well as for approaching specific types of questions found in both the math and verbal parts of the test. You will take practice tests, review your answers, and have an opportunity to ask questions. The class includes review of algebra and geometry concentrating on similar problems found on previous PSAT tests.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the PSAT. High scores can help you win scholarships,qualify for the National Merit Scholar Program, and gain recognition from colleges that contact high scoring PSAT students. (This class will not be offered again until summer 2012).

Tends to be offered every year in July/August & September/October. Check our class listing for more info.

Study Smart: Memory Skills

Maximize your memory and boost your academic performance. In this workshop, practice techniques that can enhance your ability to remember. You will learn how to apply memory strategies to your studies and test-taking, increase your rapid recall and decrease your study time.

Offered periodically. Check our class listings for more info.

Study Smart: Speed Reading

Cut through classwork and study more effectively. This accelerated workshop will increase both your reading speed and comprehension. You’ll learn the difference between “mindful” and “mindless” reading and how to get the most out of written material. Your reading speed should increase noticeably, making reading not only faster, but also easier. At class end, you will receive exercises that will help you continue to improve your reading speed on your own.

Offered periodically. Check our class listings for more info.

Writing the College Application Essay

Set yourself apart from other applicants by writing a top-notch essay. As you work on the final draft of an essay, you’ll focus on developing techniques that make you unique—your voice and your point of view—and learn how these qualities enhance your writing. This class operates on a workshop model, and students will read and comment on each others’ essays. Time for individual consultations with the instructor will be provided as well.

Offered periodically. Check our class listings for more info.
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