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How to Apply

Students SHOULD NOT contact ASE mentors with questions.  Please contact ASE Staff ONLY with questions.

Application Deadline: Monday, March 9th at Midnight

If students have questions or experience technical difficulties during the application process, please contact us IMMEDIATELY by phone (503-200-5861) AND by email ase@saturdayacademy.org.

Parts of the ASE Application
1.    An unofficial high school transcript.
2.    2 Adult Recommendations submitted via our online form.
3.    An online application completed by the student.
4.    $25 Application Fee paid on the online application (waived for students eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch or those that receive a hardship waiver.

Other Optional Steps not listed below:

ASE Information Sessions: January – February
Thinking about applying for ASE?  Come to an information session in your area.  We are continually adding new sessions on the website through October.

Cover Letter and Interview Skills Workshops: January – April
Each winter ASE conducts cover letter and interview skills workshops taught by local professionals.  These are FREE workshops and are valuable for learning how to write application cover letters and how to conduct interviews.

Step #

Responsible Party



1 ASE Student Check Eligibility ASAP
Students should check that they are eligible to apply to the ASE program AND have the time to commit to the ASE program before starting the application process.  Students can find eligibility and time requirements on the student information site.
2 ASE Student Either Start or Work on Your Online Application and Read Internship Descriptions After Step 1
Students can start their online application as soon as it appears on the website (link above). It is important for students to start their online application BEFORE requesting transcripts and recommendations so that ASE staff can record their transcript sand recommendations as they are submitted.ASE will continue to post new internship descriptions online (link above) until March 3rd.  Students can start reading and narrowing down the internships they might want to apply for throughout the winter.


FAQ: How much information should I put in the application?
ASE staff just needs basic contact information including email to start recording transcripts and recommendations with each student application.
FAQ: How do I pick which internships I want to apply to?
Students are allowed to apply to up to 3 internships on their online application.  Please see the Position Description page for more information on selecting internships.

3 ASE Student Tracking Application Materials After Step 2
It is the student’s responsibility to track their online application, recommendations and transcript online on the tracking your application page throughout the application process.
4 ASE Student Request Adult Recommendations After Step 2
Applicants must have two adults submit recommendations on their behalf via our online form as part of their final application. Please give the recommenders at least 2 weeks or more to complete the online recommendation form.

How to Request a Recommendation:
1.    Print and then fill out the top portion of our Adult Recommender Handout.
2.    Request a recommendation in person and if they agree to write a recommendation for you, give the adult the recommender handout.

FAQ: Who can submit a recommendation?
The recommender can be a teacher, counselor, coach or some other non-relative that knows your intellectual interest, academic ability and character.  We strongly suggest that at least one of your recommenders be a science, math or computer teacher.

FAQ: Can I ask for more than two recommendations?
Yes, many students request 3 recommendations just in case one of their recommenders doesn’t follow through on submitting the form by the deadline.  However, on your application we will ask you for the two names of the recommenders that you would like us to use their recommendations for your final application.

FAQ: How can I make sure they write a good recommendation?
The best way to ensure that your recommenders write good letters for your application is to give them plenty of time and prepare them well.  The most savvy students give their recommenders a list of their goals for participating in this program, a list of their top skills they hope to bring to an internship and some examples of how they demonstrated those skills in the recommender’s presence in the past.

5 Adult Recommenders Submit Online Recommendations March 9 at midnight
6 ASE Student Request Unofficial Transcript After fall grades are recorded
Usually students wait to submit their transcript until fall grades are recorded in their school’s system, but students do not have to wait that long to submit transcripts. If students decide to send one transcript in the fall and one in the winter, ASE staff will replace the old transcript with the new one.

How to Request a Transcript:
1.    Print and then fill out the top portion of our Transcript Handout.
2.    Request a transcript in person to the school administrator that is in charge of sending transcripts and give them the transcript handout.
3.    Ask if the school will mail the transcript OR if you want to upload the transcript to your application, ask them when you can pick it up once it is prepared.

7 ASE Student or School Administrator Submit Unofficial Transcript Uploaded to application or Post-marked by March 9th
Students’ unofficial high school transcripts must be either mailed to ASE and postmarked by the application due date – OR – transcripts can be scanned in and attached by the student to their ASE application.If you are mailing the transcript: Either students or school administrators can mail transcripts. The (hard-copy) high school transcript should be mailed to: Saturday Academy, 5000 N. Willamette Blvd., Portland, OR 97203


If you are scanning and attaching the transcript: The (hard copy) high school transcript should be scanned and uploaded to your online ASE application.  Please note the transcript should be a high-quality scan, but the file size cannot exceed 20MB.

FAQ: Do you accept home school transcripts?
Yes, but they must be formatted in the same way as a regular high school transcript.  It would be best to also include a brief cover letter with contact information in case the mentor would like to inquire further.

FAQ: Can I send my college transcript?
Yes, but it must be in addition to your high school transcript.  Your college transcript does not have to be official.

8 ASE Student Submit Online Application March 9th at midnight
Students should fully complete and press ‘submit’ on their online applications before the date above.  To prevent glitches due to possible technical difficulties on student computers it is advised that students DO NOT wait until the last minute to submit their applications.IMPORTANT!! Students should receive a confirmation email after they submit their application.  Please keep this email as it is the only official document that proves students completed the application.If you did not receive this email, please do the following:
1.   Check the tracking sheet on the website to see if your application went through.
o    If you DO see your application on the tracking sheet, your application went through.  Check your junk email folder and add any emails coming from Formsite or from ase@saturdayacademy.org to your list of accepted email accounts.
o    If you DO NOT see your application on the tracking sheet, you probably didn’t push the ‘SUBMIT’ button at the end of the form.  Log into your application, go to the end, and push the submit button again.There are four main parts to the online application:
1.    Contact information and background information.
2.    Main Cover Letter
3.    Position-Specific Cover Letters (optional)
4.    $25 Application Fee (waived for students eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch)

FAQ: How should I choose my discipline interest levels?
You will be asked on the application to rank your interest levels in a given list of subjects.  We will use this information to place students into additional positions if we are in need of more applicants for specific positions after the final application deadline.  Therefore, please choose your interest levels carefully as we will not include you in an additional position that is in one of your ‘low’ interest disciplines.

FAQ: How do I pick which internships I want to apply to?
Students are allowed to apply to up to 3 internships on their online application.  Please see the Position Description page for more information on selecting internships.

FAQ: What should I write in my main/position specific cover letters?
Please read the separate Cover Letter Writing Guide to find out what mentors are looking for in these letters.

FAQ: What happens after I submit my full application?
Please see the selection process page for more information.