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Welcome to ASE – more than an internship! Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers since 1990.

The Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering (ASE) program connects motivated high school students with mentors in pre-professional science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) internships.

Internships are eight-week, full-time summer positions, designed by mentors themselves.  These internships take place throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington, including Portland, Eugene, Corvallis, Bend, and Vancouver. Mentor organizations include universities, hospitals and research institutions, and private companies. The application process is competitive, with 668 applicants for 160 positions in 2015, and attracts rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors from throughout the Northwest. Typically, roughly 40% of students are from backgrounds underrepresented in the sciences. ASE interns have been listed on published research, helped to design and test commercial products, and spent countless hours in the field and in the lab.

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“Mentoring an ASE intern this past summer gave me an opportunity to give back to someone else.”        – ASE Mentor                                                                                                         “I honestly believe I will use every skill I have learned this summer for years to come.”                                                 – ASE Intern